Who We are

About Ideal Personal Training

We customize individual plans based on your lifestyle and your health goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up or just get into better overall health, Ideal Personal Training is at your service.

Ideal Personal Training was founded by Shane Carter. A personal trainer for 18 years, former United States Army Airborne Ranger and United States Army Drill Sergeant, Shane has both the leadership and fitness skills like no other. 

"I have learned the miraculous things that our bodies and minds can do when put to the test. I have also learned from working with thousands of individuals that our health is in direct proportion to how we take care of our own bodies. The things we drink, the things we eat, the stimulus / exercising of the body all play a role in our overall health."

"People just need to wake up and see that they are responsible for their health. Every day you can read about someone that decided to change and how they took charge of their own health. Today is the day you decided you can do it. Let us partner together to accomplish your goals."

Our Mission 

Ideal's mission is to educate and empower people to Dream Train Live. To see their ideal become their reality.

Ideal's vision is to create the largest network of people that inspire others because of how they made their dreams become their reality. That they "pay it forward" by living a DTL lifestyle and help others.