Teen Fitness

Teen Fitness

Fitness for teens 13-19 to help establish a healthy lifestyle early on. Teens are now experiencing high blood pressure, obesity, and poor fitness levels once only seen in older adults. Technology and the fast food industry have created an environment that has led to more overweight teens than we have ever seen in American history. 

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All of our programs include the following:

Nutritional counseling: proper nutrition is fundamental to eliminate stress and fatigue, increase energy and reduce the potential of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other life threatening conditions. We will provide direction and information to help you understand how much and how often to eat, the best combination of foods for your specific goals and many other tips to make good nutrition easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

Life coaching: it is natural for people to resist change because it is much easier to stay the way are. Our life coaching materials will help you move beyond this resistance to achieve your fitness goals. This will keep you motivated and focused to ensure your success.