anti-aging Fitness


Designed to increase your strength, flexibility, endurance and balance to preserve independence and allow you to live life to its fullest.

Our anti-aging fitness programs can help achieve better overall health and increase flexibility, muscle tone, strength, fitness level, vitality and balance. It will also help prevent osteoporosis and become more vigorous.

Exercise, even after age 50, can add healthy and active years to one’s life. Studies continue to show it is never too late to start exercising and even small improvements in physical fitness can significantly lower the risk of serious injury or illness. Simply walking regularly can help reduce age related illnesses. 

Moderately fit people, even if they smoke or have high blood pressure, have a lower rate of heart disease than the least fit. Resistance training is important for seniors because it is the only form of exercise that can slow and even reverse the decline in muscle mass, bone density, and strength. Adding workouts focused on speed and agility may be even more protective for older people. Flexibility exercise helps reduce the stiffness and loss of balance that accompanies aging. The benefits to physical activity are endless!

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The following information is collected to better individualize your specific anti-aging fitness program:

• Your personal wants and needs from exercise training
• Past exercise and healthy history
• Benefits of working with a certified personal trainer
• Solutions to reach your fitness goals
• Medical conditions needed to be considered when developing your anti-aging program
• Concerns associated with starting a fitness and exercise program

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