Mom Fitness


Pregnancy and childbirth place extreme stress on the body and you have just been through one of life’s most strenuous events. 

Now you want to start working your way back to a more lean, trim and toned body. Our purpose is to follow you through your program, motivating you each step of the way with personal training, nutrition and life strategies.

Even if you feel psychologically motivated to get back in shape, the reality of taking care of a newborn may hinder your best intentions. This is where Ideal Personal Training can give you what no other fitness center, exercise video or online resource can provide-personalization in your own home. No need to arrange for a babysitter or take your baby out into the in-climate weather. We’ll come to you!

Our Mom Fitness program has specific benefits for new moms:


• Quicker recovery
• Higher energy levels giving you more energy to tend to all of your new responsibilities
• Increased strength and endurance
• Decreased stress level
• Strengthen, tones and tightens core muscles
• Helps in the prevention of postpartum depression and can minimize its effects
• Increased self-esteem
• Most importantly, it provides you with time for yourself



What is a Mom Fitness package?


Designed for the mom and mom-to-be focusing on pregnancy and postpartum fitness.


Get started today by calling to schedule your free consultation. We will discuss personal goals and expectations and what realistically can be done to help you achieve these goals. 


The following information is discussed to better individualize your specific Mom Fitness program:



• Your personal wants and needs from exercise training

• Past exercise and health history
• Benefits of working with a certified personal trainer
• Solutions to reach your fitness goals
• Medical conditions needed to be considered when developing your Mom Fitness program
• Concerns associated with starting a fitness and exercise program




This consultation is free with no obligation to enroll in our services!



Once you have chosen a program right for you, your personal trainer will help you set realistic, attainable and appropriate goals based on your individual needs. They will assist you with the proper form and technique ensuring maximum results in the minimum amount of time. They will make your fitness journey an enjoyable experience. Your motivation and commitment comes naturally with your regularly scheduled sessions. All our personal trainers are certified with nationally recognized certifications such as ACE, NFPT, NASM, ISSA or AFFA.